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Thursday, June 16, 2011

bboy make some noise !

well, today, i'm so glad to introduce to u guys, who is my fav bboy. korg xtau kan?? okay, now introducing KIM HONG YEOL aka HONG 10 !

hong 10
Hong 10 (Real nameKim Hong-YeolHangul: 김홍열, born on 27 December 1984 in South Korea) is a male South Korean B-boy (also known as Breakdancer). His accomplishments include both a Red Bull BC One individual title (2006) and a Battle of the Year crew title (2002). He also was a judge at the 2007 Battle of the Year world finals.

The name Hong 10 comes from using a Korean language homonym and an English language pun. The second syllable of his name, Yeol, has the same pronunciation as the Korean pronunciation for the number ten. Therefore, pronouncing the phrase "Hong 10" in Korean will be the same pronunciation as his real name, Hong-Yeol. However, this nickname is always pronounced in English, so he is referred to as hong-ten regardless of the language context - whether Korean or English or otherwise.
Hong 10 was in the crew Expression (with which he won the Battle of the Year title in 2002) and is currently in a crew called Drifterz and a project team named Project Soul while he also performs as a solo dancer. Just recently he formed a crew called 7 commandoz with the world famous bboys: Ronnie, Differ, Skim, Wing, Menno, and recent addition Dyzee of Supernaturalz. This crew is known for their special tricks and style. He has also on occasion recently represented the Jinjo crew with fellow 7 commandoz members Skim and Wing.

Hong 10 is recognized as a superb all-around b-boy able to dynamically hit beats with floorwork, freezes, uprock/toprock and powermoves - not to mention the rare ability to mix all of them in a set. His breakdancing features bridge-like floor work, sharp execution, and an arsenal of signature moves. These all showcase not only the complex nature of his dance, but also his creativity.

He first became a well-known bboy during 2002 when he exploded onto the scene being part of the Korean crews that won the then two most prestigious dance competitions in the world - Battle of the Year International and the UK B-Boy Championships. However, the fame came through in his solo performances, his first set against Vagabonds from France during BOTY 2002 created the 'Hong10 freeze' legacy and can easily be viewed through YouTube. He has also done well in many individual competitions, winning the 2006 Red Bull BC One but more commonly known as the famous 'runner up' having been a finalist at many competitions including three times at the UK B-boy Championships.

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